Low SWaP Microwave Radiometer for Compact UAS (NOAA CESSRST)

  • Dual-band (L-Ka), shared aperture antenna (Carlos R. Wah González)
  • Low power digital receiver for (Daniel E. Mera Romo)


  • Weather Nowcasting with PR Radar Network (Felipe Minotta)

Antennas for Body-Centric Wireless Communications (ARO)

  • 60 GHz Circularly Polarized SIW Antennas for BAN (Rubén Delgado)
  • 60 GHz SIW Antennas for BAN (Carlos Mulero)
  • Slot-loaded, cavity-backed, capacitively-fed folded slot antenna (Emmanuel Valentín)
  • Slot-loaded quarter-wave parasitic patch antenna (Emmanuel Valentín)
  • Cavity-backed annular slot-ring antenna (Jayson Maldonado)
  • Cavity-backed compound spiral antennas (Jayson Maldonado)

Microwave and Millimeter-wave Systems Lab

  • Metamaterial Enhanced Slot Antennas (Luis Rivera Fernández)
  • Gap-waveguide Arrays for 5G Applications (María Soto Medina)
  • Pattern Synthesis for Modified Discrete-Lens Arrays (Rita Jakelyn Abad)

Reconfigurable Antennas using VO2  (UTC-AFRL)

  • Reconfigurable rectangular slot-ring antenna
  • Reconfigurable folded slot antenna
  • Reconfigurable slot-loaded patch antennas
  • Cavity-backed annular ring with reconfigurable shorts

DoE – Savannah River

  • Development of Electromagnetic SoilBed for DNAPL Detection in Clayey Soils (Jonathan Toro)

TropiNet (NSF-MRI)

  • Design of Dual-Polarized Reflectarray Antenna for TropiNet (José Cordero)


  • Log-Periodic Slot Ring Antennas (Pablo Lozada)
  • Log-Periodic Folded Slot Antennas (David Del Río)
  • Wideband and Multiband Slot Ring Array Antenna (Carlos Jaramillo)
  • Tunable Slot Ring Antennas (Ileana Carrasquillo)
  • Characterization of Folded Slot Antennas (Néstor López)


  • Synchronization Subsystem for Electronically Scanned Array for the PR Testbed (Estefany Lancheros)
  • Dual-polarized Array of Microstrip Patch Subarrays for PR Testbed (Pallavi Sharma)
  • High Efficiency High Power Amplifier (Alix Albino)
  • Solid State RF Front-end for PR Testbed (Alexandra Litchfield)
  • Very-Low Cross-Pol Array for PR Testbed (Víctor Marrero)
  • Digital Beamforming Scheme for Solid State Electronically Scanned Arrays (Juan Torres)
  • Folded Slot Frequency Scanned Array (Silvia Herrera)


  • Modeling of Cross-Well Radar Tomography System for Underground Contamination Detection (Lilian Certuche)
  • Log-Periodic Normal-Mode Helical Antenna (Jorge Salazar)


  • Asymmetric Slot Ring Antenna (Antonio Amador)
  • Tunable Folded Slot Antenna Using Ferroelectric Materials (Amada Castro)
  • Tunable Aperture Coupled Microstrip Antenna Using Ferroelectric Materials (Snaider Rodríguez)